The city of Calgary is located in the sunny foothills of southern Alberta. Less than an hours drive to the west lies the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains, and to the east the great prairies stretch as far as the eyes can see.


The Stampede City has been named one of the cultural capitals of Canada and one of the best places to live in the world. Calgarians benefit from the strongest economy in the country, as well as the most days of sunshine per year of any major Canadian city. 


Synthetic Laboratory

We are located on the 5th floor of the EEEL building on the main campus at the University of Calgary.


Our laboratory has 10 fully functional fumehoods dedicated to material synthesis.


For air-sensitive manipulations we have a three-glove single station glovebox.


We are also equipped with a Biotage Initiator+ microwave reactor, a Biotage Isolera flash column chromatography system and Büchi rotary evaporators.



Nanalysis 60E desktop NMR spectrometer​


Cary 60 UV-Vis


Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer


Cary 630 FTIR


Olympus BX53 Optical Microscope


CH Instruments potentiostat

TA Instruments high temperature DSC

PROTO AXRD desktop powder diffraction system

Atomic Force Microscope


Spincoating workstation

2 sheet and 2 roll slot-die coaters




Device Fabrication and Testing Facilities


Thermal evaporator glovebox

OFET fabrication glovebox

Solar cell and OFET testing workstation

Quantum efficiency/IPCE measurement system

LED EQE and JV testing system

Office Space

We have office space dedicated to research personnel located across the hall from our laboratory.


Our office space has 16 work stations divided into cubicles of four.


Research personnel have access to a general use desktop computer.

Group Events

We are an active group outside of the laboratory with group events including:


Pizza/Wing Night


Sporting Events




Calgary and Western Canada also provide many areas that our group is looking forward to explore


Welch loves TANKS!

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